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Work begins on Legacy Park Conference Center coming to Millbrook this year

City of Millbrook

If all goes well, Millbrook will have a brand new, modern facility at Legacy Park that will be available for residents to rent for private functions.
A double-wide trailer, until recently, offered the only sheltered facility on the property, but had been condemned and was removed earlier this week.
Earlier this year the city authorized planning for a new facility that will be modern, much larger, and with a professional design.
Stuart Peters is the Engineer for the City of Millbrook and headed up the planning working with designers and city officials.
"Mayor Kelley and the City Council requested a permanent facility at the Legacy Park location that was multi-purpose, durable and energy efficient," Peters said. "They've also had very positive experiences with the Millbrook Civic Center and its floor plan/functioning. We elected to take that feedback and came up with this design working in conjunction with David Mullen, DLM Architects of Montgomery. The project was well received by tri-county general contractors with high participation in the public bid process for a project of this size."
The City selected Webb Builders, Inc. as the qualified general contractor and is working with him on project start-up in December. The project came in just over $300,000 for the building with a scheduled construction duration of 4 to 5 months. The new approximately 2,700 SF facility can accommodate a capacity of 100 people for all kinds of civic events.
"We also took great care in the design of the building to have a look and exterior materials that complemented the surrounding residential areas," Peters said. "We feel the new facility hit all our goals providing the citizens of Millbrook with a multi-purpose facility they can enjoy for many decades to come."

Building construction started this Monday onsite for the future Legacy Park Conference Center. Attached are progress pictures onsite.
The contractor has removed remnant top soil, removed any uncovered debris and erected the batter boards for foundation layout.
You will see the building “footprint” start to take shape in the coming days.