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November 3, 2020

Its time for the Spirit of Christmas! 

Click Here for the Upcoming Details and Entry Forms

October 30, 2020

When Hiring a contractor to repair storm damage, Please be certain that they are licensed by the Alabama Home Builders Board AND are licensed with the City of Millbrook to perform repairs.

Licensed contractors will carry a state licensing card and will be able to provide a City of Millbrook building permit that they obtain from the City before performing any work.

This will help to make sure the contractor has been vetted to work in the city has the necessary licensing and liability coverage to perform repair work. Performing unlicensed work in Alabama is a Class A misdemeanor.

If you have any questions on licensing or building permits, you can contact us at Millbrook City Hall at 334 285 6428 or though the web site at https://cityofmillbrook.org/contact-us/

October 15, 2020

The City of Millbrook is pleased to provide pickup of fallen limbs, bagged grass and bagged leaves from the curbside.  We provide this service as a courtesy to city residents and it is not intended to remove large limbs or whole trees.  The service will not provide removal of commercial tree cutting activities. 

All brush needs to be stacked together not greater than 4 feet in length. No limb should be greater than 5 inches in diameter.

We ask that all bagged leaves and grass be stacked together and each bag weigh less than 50 pounds.

Drop off of Yard Debris is also available at 3841 Grandview Road Across from Fire Station #1

Thank you for your support and assistance

October 15, 2020

Trick-or-treating on Halloween in the City of Millbrook is allowed but you must proceed with caution. Please use normal best practices for safety and follow the latest health requirements from Governor Ivey and utilize the COVID best practices. Please plan to end your trick-or-treating at 8:00 p.m.

June 25, 2020

Four major projects have been approved by the Elmore County Commission for the City of Millbrook.   $1.4 million dollars has been allocated for the projects. They include the Intersection of Coosada Parkway and AL 14; Intersection of Ingram Road and AL 14, A traffic study at the Intersection of Oak Tree Road and AL 14 and the Intersection of Alabama River Parkway/Cobbs Ford Road and AL 143 (Main Street.)   The press release packet is available here.

The City of Millbrook will provide free WIFI during COVID19 Event

The following locations will have free WIFI service outside of the building:

Legacy Park Building on Deatsville Highway

Millbrook Economic Development Center On Main Street

Millbrook Public Library on Park Circle

Millbrook Civic Center

The Connection Details are posted on the front windows of each location. Wifi will be available 7 days a week.

Remember that Spectrum has customer WIFI connections at various locations around the city as well.

Millbrook Street Department Limb Pick up – Possible Delays

The regular pick up of limbs and debris will continue, but at a slower pace due to the COVID19 outbreak. The state inmate labor that normally helps perform the pickups is not available for the next several weeks. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be able to resume normal operations very soon.

The Millbrook Senior Center at the Millbrook Community Center is closed until further notice.

Meals delivery and pick up will continue.

Message from Mayor Al Kelley

As you know, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the subject of most news reports and conversations, both in Millbrook and around the world. It is beginning to impact nearly every facet of our lives. The City has been monitoring the spread of the virus for some time, preparing for a widespread outbreak. We remain vigilant as we address the serious realities of this pandemic.

It’s always best to have a plan, which is why I have initiated regular meetings on this subject with my departments and have established regular communication with employees and calls with leadership in state and county government including our health care and education communities. We are working together with the county and state to continue to provide services and disseminate information as timely and quickly as possible.
It’s important to communicate and coordinate our efforts locally and regionally, particularly given the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of this situation, which is reason for messages like this one. There seems to have been some form of discussion about coronavirus almost every hour, at any hour.

We are practicing proven flu-prevention techniques at the City and I encourage you to do the same. Regular hand-washing is imperative — and please be mindful of your interaction with large groups. I would also encourage you to regularly disinfect the surfaces of your mobile devices and commonly used surfaces. If employees are sick, we encourage them to stay home and we offer the same important advice to members of our community.

As for now, City Council meetings and scheduled meetings at the City will proceed. These meetings are typically below the 50 person threshold that medical authorities has provided in terms of size of meetings. We will encourage attendees to refrain from handshaking and suggest that all maintain comfortable social distance during meetings.

We are constantly evaluating the status of local events, again keeping the 50 person guidance in mind. We are in the process of reviewing each of them. Any schedule changes will appear on our website and Facebook pages, cityofmillbrook.org and facebook.com/cityofmillbrook.

For the very latest news and information about the coronavirus, we regularly use the resources listed below:





Remember: The NUMBER ONE thing WE CAN ALL DO is WASH OUR HANDS several times a day. Thank you for making this a priority.

As always, our communication is intended to inform and not alarm. It’s my desire to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy and I appreciate every resident and visitor to Millbrook doing their part during these unprecedented times.

Additional Information on Census Day

The City of Millbrook Recycling Center, located on Grandview Road adjacent to Minnie Massey Park is again able to accept plastics for recycling.

The city has reached an agreement with Repower South to be able to accept plastics for recycling.

The City of Millbrook Recycling Center is operated by the Street Department and is located on Grandview Road adjacent to Minnie Massey Park.

The Millbrook Recycling Center accepts newspaper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum. We are unable to accept glass for recycling.

The Hours for the city recycling center are:

Tuesday and Thursday 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.